EZ mount


The ProControll EZ Mount looks and works like a traditional transom mount U-bracket that overlaps a bow or gunnel edge and is then secured in place by screw clamps.

What makes it so versatile in where it can go is its unique and adjustable underside exterior bracket that can be snugged up against any contour. With the lower bracket secured on the outside of the boat and the screw clamps tightened on the inside of the boat, the ProControll EZ Mount is ready and solid to receive a trolling motor just like fitting it on a transom. 

The EZ Mount is ideal for installing a trolling motor to the bow of any utility or jon boat. Installation is simple and fast, no tools required.

EZ Mount II

2019-07-10 22.02.02Edited.jpg

ProControll EZ Mount II is a universal bracket that replaces many models of Minn Kota’s transom mount trolling motors. Including but not limited to, Endura Max, Endura C2 models and Ripe Tide motors and all other trolling motors with the same hinge bracket shown here.

EZ Mount II solves the problem of having your trolling motor on the transom with your outboard. Now, with the EZ Mount II replacement bracket, you can put your hand controlled trolling motor on the bow of any boat having a 3-inch or less top rail/gunnel.

The EZ Mount II’s low cost and versatility makes it the superior choice for use with any jon or utility boat since it can be affixed most anywhere around the boats perimeter, not just on the transom.

EZ Mount Stand

2019-07-10 22.09.37Edited (1).jpg

Easily store and protect your trolling motor like a pro. It is universal, built to last and easy to set up.