Fight the Fish

Not the Trolling Motor

Avid fisherman and inventor Richard Mynster initiated the ProControll brand of products because he believes everyone should have the ability to fish like the pros do. Richard’s love for fishing started in his childhood. With Wyandotte County Lake in Kansas City, Kansas, only a few miles away, many memories were made growing up fishing at this wonderful lake. Mike Rhodes (the Co-Founder of RM Industries, Inc.) and friend, is also from Kansas City, Kansas and spent many days fishing with his father and brother at Wyandotte. Then taking his own daughters to fish there and share the experience he had as a child.

As an artist, self-made engineer and fisherman, Richard’s inspiration for creating the ProControll line of products was natural. He wanted anyone who loves to fish to take advantage of methods the pros use for a fraction of the cost, so ProControll products were a natural evolution. Not being a businessperson, he asked Mike if he could help patent and develop the products for market.

We like to think that it doesn’t matter who you are, if you love to fish, our products are for you.

They’re reliable, durable and affordable.

We hope you’re able to get out on the water often and catch a lot of fish!