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UPDATE: 2019 - nothing wrong with it besides some surface rust - impressive considering I’m in bay water. Once again it’s been outside since my purchase. I uploaded some photos.

UPDATE: Its the beginning of 2018 so its been sometime since the purchase! Its been in all the elements 24-7 since the date of purchase. I've never taken it off the Jon boat. Its in great shape, some rusting on the metal threads (photo uploaded) but nothing a little WD40 can resolve from time to time or other rust preventatives. As of recently, it survived coastal winds of 50+ when the Jon boat got blown off our dock lift (long story) and was thrown upside-down into the chesapeake bay. The clamps held sturdy during the whole escapade...it was retrieved after the storm.

This thing is awesome! I was hesitant at first, but upon purchasing it it filled my needs. I wanted to put a trolling motor on the front end of my Jon boat and that's what it did. As for durability, I will have to give it a few years.

Side note. Upon installing the mount I had to cut a small piece of wood about 12 inches long in a triangle shape to accommodate the angular bow of the Jon boat. The clamp heads don't really pivot to accommodate any angular bow so with installing this angular piece of wood allows the clamps to be flush.


Daryl Nichols


March 2018

Excellent for trolling motors, eliminated all our issues with mounting a trolling motor to John boat.